Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Pimp My Badger!"

Hello everyone! As you may or may not know I have been single for a long time, and if i keep up this trend my next date may be with a octageneraian over strained peas while discussing adult diapers. So I am placing my dating life in my readers hands.

 As we all know blogs are full of contests, and I am running one. No you will not win a toaster, or tickets to taping of " Hermaphidites Gone Wild". You could win Airfare to Playa Del Carman Mexico!!!!

 I have your attention now I guess, because I cannot see you jumping up & down. So here it is:

Yes Readers I am asking you to pimp me out.. Tired as I am of dating sites, speed grazing dating and as I am useless in meeting ladies of questionable morals I am asking you to set me up. If it does develop into a relationship you and someone else will win airfare to mexico !

 I am not looking for casual dating, I am over that. No this is not a search for wild monkey sex, but if I meet the right Lady yes that will happen. Nor will I serial date also not my thing. I am actually looking for match.

 Do you know a nice girl who will "get me"? Someone who is kind, funny, open, smart, open, and will not run in fear from  the sight of me or be Traumatized by my humor  or secretly hates men. then send her my way. There is no expectation upon meeting anyone and it should be social in a natural setting.

You can e-mail me here

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