Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lobsters have rights too yah know

I was visiting my favorite website today, and no it is not the midget amputee porn site that is my third favorite site. It is the Huffington post. And what did my near sighted eyes see. An article on whether boiling live Lobsters should be outlawed or not.
I am sure outside of those wacky PETA members there where some rational humans out there but I guess not. It seems our friends in the lovely country of New Zealand has legislation protecting the rights of lobsters! But not oysters or clams...Hmmm. What is next Bacteria, lets make anitbiotics illegal because those little one celled animals suffer when they get some penicillin. Or maybe pimp slap a lion when he rips the head off of a gazelle. Italy also has banned boiling live lobsters. but you can kill live squid that is ok. And no shit in Britian there is get this it is real;

the Shellfish network. I will post an excerpt from their website;

Shellfish are invertebrates which are the most common creatures on the planet and yet, when it comes to welfare and compassion, they are at the bottom of the pile.
We therefore decided to take on the problems of shellfish, which are eaten as a 'delicacy' and are treated simply as 'fruits of the sea'!
But they are not apples, or oranges; they are living, breathing creatures with their own needs and capabilities. Who have a captivating beauty all their own. So we aim to:
1 - Increase public awareness of the fact that shellfish are living creatures capable of experiencing pain, stress and pleasure. 2 - Stop the cruelty involved in, and eventually to bring an end to, the slaughter of shellfish for human consumption and other abuses.

What the Fuck? England please explain this to me. Because if i think about it too long my ears begin to bleed, seriously, bleed. Barney and Liz you both live there can you go over to their offices in Surry ( go figure) and smack them with a trout.

Now for the PETA wackos, i kinda get your rants sometimes. But I still love porcine, bovine and water fowl. The Vice President of PETA Mary Beth Sweetland has diabetes and injects herself daily with insulin that was tested on animals. Yet she campaigns against experiments on animals -- making her a veritable poster-child for hypocrisy. She concedes that her medicine "still contains some animal products -- and I have no qualms about it ... I don't see myself as a hypocrite. I need my life to fight for the rights of animals."

Yes Lady you are a hypocrite, and PETA is just a money making scam feeding off of poor misguided animal lovers. The president Ingred Newkirk was angry that President Obama killed a fly. a fucking fly. Maybe she should try and convince bats and frogs to become vegetarians.

This whole Lobster, thing ruined my mojo here in Cuba, the only saving grace is I just ordered a lobster and shrimp for dinner. Pass the drawn butter please time to eat a boiled bug.

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