Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yippie for my first post

After abandoning my last Blog like a 15 year old girl dumping her love child in a dumpster behind Walmart I am back...

The voices in my head said they needed an outlet on the internets.. So here I am, soon you will be able to follow my very diseased mind as I fumble and struggle with the world I encounter on my daily voyages. As a journalist, liberal and devote Bi-Polar man and frequent world traveler ( i am still amazed that I am allowed a passport and access to business class seats on a plane) I see the world through a pharmacutically altered mind. So sit back, leave your political correctness at the door and enjoy. feel free to comment, scream, laugh give me topics ect. But I draw the line at LOL cats, offers of religious cures for my lovely bi-polarness, Nigerian money scams or used underwear from young republicans.
I always welcome gifts of Beer ( preferably Belgian ), Badgers, donations to the NDP, Petions to stop the proliferation of Yam Fries, photos of couples who are wearing matching clothing, anything anti hipster, or a promise not to vote for Stephen Harper when we have another national election.


  1. "A million laughs with this genuine mink keyhole cover" - I can't even manage one... ;)

    Also, is it just me, or is that just the most perverse poster ever... ?

  2. I know I never dated anyone with a genuine mink keyhole cover and if I did I would never make them shave it.