Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Rumble in My Lumbar a Cage Fight With Cancer"

Today I met with both my Neurosurgeon and my Oncologist to discuss my treatment for Chordoma bone cancer which this badger has been living with. I have not been too eager to treat this choosing to live in the lovely Isle O' Denial for months. But both physical pain, rabid threats by my very cool GP and a desire to want to maybe live motivated me to take a more proactive role in my treatment.
not actual cage thank Jebus
nor is this cage a accurate portrayal of my spine cage thank Jebus on a bicycle. 

  Soon a Cage Fight of Calciumatoic proportions will take place in my spine,as the surgery is rarely done, and I will need some custom made cyborg / airport security pissing off parts. I have to have another MRI in a few weeks to measure my spiney goodness so they can manufacture a special flexible cage to place over my L-4 and L-5 vertebrae once they remove more than a quarter of each one. This bone exorcism will remove the tumors and the cage will provide support. After a few months they will check my bone growth and see if it has new cancerous bone if so they will remove more bone and put in bone from a dead guy or gal to shore things up.

 I am scared shitless, this is a new surgery and a risky one, I could and there is a good chance loose all bone support in my spine and face a life with paralysis, a option they weighed heavily on my decision and my denial.    I will not be needing Chemo after all, because it just does not work on what I have and my radiation will continue only after the epic cage fight. I will continue to try and keep my mental health up while awaiting my fight and am stronger due to support from good friends. "So Lets Get Ready To Rumble in this corner Bad Bone in the Other The Bagder! A Cage Fight of the Century!!!"


  1. The things you face in life are so monumental...I am inspired by your strength even though you say you are scared shitless.Are you going to be blogging from the OR? It would not surprise me if you did!

  2. I will try and tweet and blog as much as I can and if I can ustream my surgery I will. My openness helps me deal with the fear and loneliness.

  3. Do you have a date with the surgeon yet?

  4. end of January beginning of Feb, they have to manufacturer the cage and i wanted to wait til after the holidays