Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Insomnia & The Things I Have Learned"

Sleep is a mystery to me, I have suffered from one form or another of Insomnia since my wife passed away. I used to think it was connected to my bi-polar, but soon I realized that when I am Manic i do not sleep at all. Now I sleep around 3 to 4 hours a night.  Not to mention extreme difficulty falling asleep. I have tried everything, from yoga to pills. I stopped the pills due to the fact that no matter what they say, they can be addicting, and they make every thing taste like the rusty bumper off an old ford.
 Today I just go with it, I sleep when my body and mind says sleep you jack ass. I have learned much in the nocturnal world here are a few;

  • Infomercials: I know them all, and at times have felt the urge to buy a bowflex, or a slap chop. But i know that the bowflex will become a 2 grand clothes rack and the slap chop will make me want to kill the shame wow guy. I also really want one of those old people bath tubs with a door. But now that I own a boat that is out of the question.  
  • Sleeping Habits of Dogs: I have studied the sleeping habits of my dog "Newton" He talks in his sleep ( i think he is chasing squirrels) and he wakes up every hour to inspect the boat to make sure no interlopers are aboard. He walks the same route every time and always brings his stuffed G.W. Bush doll to bed with him.
  • Food: I live in downtown Vancouver and there are no diners like in NY. There is a Denny's but I can not bring myself to eat there unless I am drunk ( and then I only order Moons over my Hammy) or it is my B-day and I get a free meal. I also have a 7-11 up the st. and the clerk will always give me free pizza and slurpies. 
  • Road Trips: Late night road trips are fun, the roads are empty and I can get to the 24 hour Target in Bellingham Washington pretty quickly, there are never lines at the border at 3 am.
  • Wandering the hood: I do this alot and I have learned that skunks rule the west end of Vancouver, and that the Mcdonalds has late night shopping cart parking for the local homeless.
  • Productivity: I am very productive because of my added hours, I write, surf the net, do some mundane work crap, organize my sock drawer, and of all things ironing.


  1. Interesting info! Here from Netchick.


  2. I have struggled with sleep problems due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have found these things work: Try not to have a job you have to wake up for. Use tryptophan (it's the amino acid in turkey that makes you sleepy). I also have to use a black mask to assure utter darkness and ear plugs too! Good luck and I'm sorry to hear that you lost your wife.

  3. yes the fare at Denny's is barely edible.
    I sleep whenever I am not awake

  4. My routine is much like yours. Once recently we went looking for (and found) Craig's List items at 4 in the morning. :-)
    NetChick sent me.