Sunday, March 28, 2010

"One Twisted Sock Monkey Comes Home!"

picture by Corrina & Adam Carlson

I have always loved Hunter S. Thompson, and not just for his booze and drug filled writings. He was a twisted, dark voice of reason in times when we needed a anti-hero. He hated hypocrisy, greed, human stupidity, and Nixon. President Jimmy Carter once said. " Hunter was a Delightful, unpredictable, and unforgettable friend of mine for more than 30 years". He even credited him for helping him get elected by bringing him the youth vote.
Pic by Me

 He was as a writer also always intertwined in his tales, usually drunk and or stoned he penned 18 books, changed the way we approached editorial journalism, and sparked 4 movies.

  So when I met Corinna Carlson (Gus Greeper) and her husband Adam we became fast friends. We share a love of sock monkeys, books and weirdness then I discovered that they make custom sock monkeys ( @sockmonkeyarmy on twitter) so I asked them to make me a HST (Hunter S. Thompson, not the tax ) they jumped on it.
 Yesterday I officially  adopted HST i call him "Dr. Gonzo". Adam lovingly hand embroidered Hunter's famous "Fist on  Knife" logo on his back. as you can see below.
photo by Corrina & Adam Carlson

They have since I have known them been amazing supportive friends, through my illness, and I accept the sock monkey as a sign of love. Dr, Gonzo will now travel with me everywhere. taking photos in compromising places and positions and will post stories and pics of him in my journeys.

 "Sock Monkey Army" monkeys are one of kind, inventive companions you can see their amazing work here on flickr; The Sock Monkey Army and they have a Facebook fan page as well. 

Below are more pics of Dr. Gonzo.......and a Huge THANK YOU to Corrina & Adam for being my friends.
   Picture by Corrina & Adam Carlson

Picture By Corrina & Adam Carlson


  1. hunters involvement in his writing made other novelists seem completely detached. it just had to be honest and true. i like dr gonzo like a bastard, hes a power monkey. and i suspect his doctorate was procured by the same means as the newly masked dr vegas. im glad we could give you a partner in crime, these guys are both cathartic and comic, it will surprise the hell out of you. and the pleasure is all mine. for rilz.