Friday, March 19, 2010

"Telling You That You are Important to Me"

 Our lives are rushed, the daily moving and shaking of adult life keeps us uber busy, despite all of our fancy smancy technology that promised us more free time to do the things we like to do. Modern life, mass media, the internets have connected us in ways we could not have imagined 10 years ago. But in this rush of life have we lost sight to a simple act, one that really connects us with others, Those wonderful words of " Thank You" or " I appreciate who you are"? I feel we have, it is easy to take our connections with others for granted, we have become complacent in our interpersonal relations.
 If I was Religious I would say that there needs to be an amendment to the 7 deadly sins, and at the top of the list should be "Complacency" it is a silent social virus. Complacency runs amok quitely killing relationships or at least leaving us empty unknowing of how we make others lives better.

 I feel we should tell the people around us that matter how we feel. Let them know that they make our lives more full, allow us to feel loved, welcome, and safe. And we should do this right now. Even if we know we are loved and appreciated it feels good to hear, and share. I simple reminder that our place on earth is not empty, allowing us to see that yes, even in simple acts I make a difference in someone else's life.

 This is not only for close relationships like family, friends, and lovers, but for the people you interact with everyday. The sometimes invisible folks who weave their way in our lives. It seems we are so quick to tell a manager when we receive bad service, but rarely do we let someone know when we are treated well. Possibly because we have developed a sense of entitlement, "expecting" service directed at us should be above and beyond. Why because we are self important. I call Bull Shit! we get good service everyday and bad but we rarely let the good ones go rewarded. It is not enough to be a good tipper, yes that is important to, still let the manager know you were treated well. Tell the clerk you appreciate there time spent on you.

 This little act, simple in its words and execution go so far to make the world nicer, to make us feel appreciated. So go out and tell someone what they mean to you today and everyday... Lets make the world a little bit nicer.


  1. I hear ya Steve.

    This reminds me of my childhood: When I was a child of about 6, I saw that trucks often had signs and stickers that said, "How's My Driving? Call ### ###"

    I was a child and didn't understand what this was REALLY about, so I started to collect numbers so I can call these drivers and tell them that their driving is great.

    As a child I didn't understand that you're only supposed to call when someone is driving terribly. I don't know how my parents explained it to me.

  2. Thank you Frances as I always look forward to your comments. It does seem that we are born with the natural ability to say nice things, but we have been programed thru life to complain. I feel we should try to deprogram this trend as I know that too have been infected

  3. Hi Gina, Thanks and yes but is that a dig at Men? curious..

  4. i used to be way more complimentary than i am now i've just been too many times. but in a way i do miss it, im lonely without it, but it seems so few people care about it. it is nice to know you do.