Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"The Colapse Of A Moose's Health" " A Year in Review"

As I slowly recover from the onslaught of Pork Ebola I have to reflect on what a My body has been through this year. Now I am not a stranger to abusing my body, i have been known to drink ( on my 37th B-Day I drank my age in beers) I have in my past visited some recreational Pharmaceuticals only for editorial reasons I promise. Smoked Cigarettes and placed my body in very sketchy situations both for a pay check, and for my own and others amusement. But this has been the health-care year from hell. Here is the breakdown on my physical breakdown;

October 2008 : My L-4.L-5 lumbar disks decided to move. this move was without a months notice and in breaking a life long lease.

January 2009: Happy New Year not for my Kidneys they gave me a rocky party favor for the new year and I peed red in celebration for weeks

March 2009: Some kind of Flu, not of the pork variety but a nasty fucker non the less

May 2009: My friend Malaria paid me another visit I was infected a couple of years ago and every now and then the Dark Continent makes me shiver like Kate Gosslin at a Ed Hardy Fashion Show.

July 2009: While filming on a beach in Cuba  I feel into a hole and tore my ACL in my right knee no amount of cigars or moitos or Che tee shirts relieved my pain.

July 2009: ACL Surgery followed by a boat trip to Mexico to recover and visit every donkey show i could find

September 2009: I lost my Gall Stone virginity, complete with crying, blood in my stool, and a 911 call not unlike a weekend at most Catholic Boys schools.

October 2009: Swine Flu! Pork Ebola, Porcine Plague, Trotter Typhoid... Pure oinky hell

October 2009: Return of my spine defection. I now will need back surgery, yeah for me

On a positive note I lost 65lbs this year, have not had a bipolar experience requiring locked doors and I am still alive. Also if i was still living in the U.S. this medical year would have bankrupted me and I would be living in box shouting at squirrels. I Love Canada. Look out 2010

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