Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Office Geeks Vs, The Suits"

 I work in broadcasting, my office is full of very creative and colourful people for the most part. you can divide the office into 2 categories (not a scientific study) "The journalists / creatives" and "the suits" we pass each other in the halls steal from each other's break room fridges and sometime share DNA. But there are always some people who do not play well with others. I try to understand that not everyone sees the work place as a forum for fun and games like i do but i hope to stir things up some more.
 We have a soul ( i think she has a soul) who hates fun, runs against it at every turn. She tried to censor our desk chachkies by having all office / cubicle decor to be approved by her. So i would have to loose my Stephen Harper weebles doll, assorted hula girl bobble heads, a stuffed squirrel on a surfboard and other prized possessions.
 We spend 40 to 60 hours a week in our work space they become a reflection of who we are and a way to strip the place of the bleak florescent lighting and matching suits and office chairs. So i set my foot down and approached miss fun police in her territory. Guess what her office is a shrine to Jesus. from a WWJD desk calender to a bible not so hidden on her desk. I knew i was in for trouble. My history of having my interns eat bulls balls at the Calgary Stampede, Polynesian theme days, and games of "would you fuck that" leave me doomed in her dungeon of morals. Yet if she can have a bible i can have my stainless steel bed pan as a candy dish. I explained the reason for personal expression and freedom and that creative people censored become less creative and she stopped me like a penis in a sack of angry porcupines.
 What to do next.... My Boss.... she is rational....comes from a creative channel of management and is very very twisted. So much so that when we are all out for a drink she will get the bet going that the slowest average time of bathroom use during the night or afternoon pays the tab. thus creating a triathlon of potty time.  My boss was expecting me after receiving a call and email from the Attila the protector of virtue. Luckily my boss set her straight and said unless someone comes to her offended by an item to keep her nose out of her division. This is a victory for the odd, the free, the misfit toys from x-mas island.
In celebration we will being having a  truce in what we can steal from the suit's kitchen, and we will wear formal wear on the next 4 Fridays for "Formal Fridays" just to show the suits we can dress like adults.


  1. :-) I am sure your decorations make people smile. Netchick sent me.

  2. i always wondered what it would be like to work in an office. the closest i ever got was the gov'mint at sfu. i like to think that unflinching boyish optimism takes out jesus every time.

  3. A bare desk is a really soulless one.

    NetChick sent me here

  4. Hello! Small world indeed! Its funny how many 'vancouver neighbour' blogs I've stumbled on!