Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 2 of Nov Blog a day "Screw You Cancer!"

 I had an appointment today from my great GP about a couple of biopsies that I had on my back and shoulders that were done 2 weeks ago. When my DR does not come in the exam rooms smiling and stating that I am his favorite crazy jew. I worry. I had a right to it seems that I have developed a case of
Skin Cancer!!!!!!! So after only the embarrassing things I have done passed before my eyes I found out that I had the most serious type of this kind of noma. I have Melanoma.

 I am no stranger to cancer it took my beautiful wife way before her prime in a very cruel way. I watched her deterorate into what i still can not put into words. Cancer took my Mum quick, so quick that I was not able to say good bye or go to her funeral.

I always thought I would get it. I just thought i would be old and It would be lung cancer, or some kind of cancer you got from drinking and eating fatty food. Not from enjoying the sun.

But I will not let this stop me...maybe I will not be sitting on the beach in Mexico. What I will do is continue to live, love and approach life with my known dark humor.....So Screw You Cancer


  1. That sucks! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it hasn't spread. Hug too.

  2. That was my attitude when I was diagnosed too. F you, cancer!

    Hang tight - I'll be thinking of ya. xoxo