Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 10 "You have Cancer...Now What?"

Last week I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma, and after years of wanton sun worship and growing up when no one knew of skin cancer we all lathered our bodies up with baby oil on the beach. There were even oils with crystallized crap in them to amplify the sun for a deeper tan. No days that is crazy talk in line with Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck.

 After I found out my mind went thru it's usually line of thought, from why me?, to time for bucket list. After I settled in with my turn of fate the toughts have normalized into "what should I do with the dead hookers in my closet".. No No i joke..... But I have thought about what I should be doing with my life in the near future and here is what I came up with so far;

A) I will continue to work. I love my job so I will work flex time ,some office ,some home on my boat / refuge.. I will video conference wearing nothing but a tie & shirt no pants.

B) I will get to know some new people outside of my job. I do not have many friends outside of work. It is like a living on the small inbreed island of Pitcarn ( that is where the Bounty descendants live) . So I intend to get to know some of the people I have met on twitter, like, Monica, Kimli, Gus Greeper and her husband, Emme Rogers and the like.

C) I will help Gus Greeper aka Corinna Carlson get her Bali Charity off the ground. I love that part of the world and I feel my connections, and inventiveness could be an asset to her in her cause.

D) I love Public Art...always have, i feel it is a wonderful way for people of all walks of life to experience art in their own way. So I plan on putting together a photo project of all of the public art in Vancouver and creating a website so anyone including schools can find our cities public art.

E) I will buy a new camera and get back into Photography. My late wife was a professional photographer and always amazed me with her talent and humanity in he work. I always loved to take pictures and wanted to get more serious about it now I will.

F) Reconnection with old friends... It is time to re connect with people i loved in my life. Now that I may not have a long lifetime to do this I plan a"Moose Tour" so that I can get as many of my old friends as drunk as I can.

G) Easy part! I will strive to be nicer, more open and better member of my community. To be a participant in life and not just an observer / consumer of it.

That is it for now, I hope you all choose to follow me in my new journey of self exploration, and maybe just maybe be inspired by it.

VIVA LA BADGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Viva La Badgers, indeed. I would like to meet you as well - you can join us for a photowalk! That incorporates both photography and meeting bloggers/twitter people. John Beihler is a good twitter person to meet.

    Take good care. I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

  2. Well, shit. Stage III, that's not good, right? Sigh.


    The list sounds like it will be fun though.

  3. Inspiring. I don't think this thing will get you, in fact i may make an exception and actually pray over this, but @ least you have the semi nude video conferencing to look forward too.

  4. Ok so I can help with the photo aspects when I rock up with a whole load of camera equipment just around the olympic weeks when the city is certainly going to be full of life, possibly the bali charity if photos are required and I can also boat sit when you go touring, hehe! Hmmm yep think that me lot!

  5. yeah totally Beihler is the shit. he and his wife are way way cool. they gave me a TiVo man. i know right? there is a photo walk on the 21st.

    you are seriously awesome it was great talking to you from Bali and i've enjoyed getting to you know you better since i've returned.

    all i really know about Cancer is that is fucking sucks, but you don't, so i'll concentrate on that. and sending you good vibes from the baby jebus.

    did you say BADGERS?????

  6. But what will you do with the dead hookers in your closet..? ;)