Sunday, November 1, 2009

100 things you may or maynot know about me part 1

1) I have been married twice. Once to a Borderline Personality Disorder, Bulimic, abusive women and again to a magnificent partner in crime, friend, lover, lousy cook, compulisive sock folder, and amazing artist. And best of all she loved and enjoyed crazy me.

2) I live for food! a devoted carnovore and dedicated locovore ( food from withing 200 miles of my home)

3)I currenly listen to mostly female singer song writers ranging from Nanci Griffith, to Kate Rusby to Patty Larkin.
4) I love dogs especially border collies, as they are smarter than most of girls in Kitts and wear less lululemon.
5) i am owned by a oratorically offensive Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot named Randell.
6)I will steal the skin off of extra crunchy KFC chicken
7) I have a un-natural fear of crows and clowns
8) I am Bi-Polar and proud
9) obsessed with everything odd and disturbing on  the web.
10) I live on a boat
11) I am both very social and shy
12) I believe that dogs were placed here to show us pure love & and cats to show us pure codependency.
13)I have a huge crush on Flo the progressive Insurance commercial girl
14) Born in Montreal General Hospital and have loved poutine ever since
15) Does not understand love less marriages
 16)Have now been to every continent next goal visit every dollar store that actually which everything is actually dollar, from China and covered in lead paint.
17) I have met Bill Clinton
18) I have got drunk with Chelsy Handler (and possibly snogged her)
19) Favorite Sandwich "The Patty Melt soon to be followed by the :Monte Cristo
20)  I own a snuggie
21)I have tried and failed at Internet dating
22)Has been known to drink way too much but still keep it classy
23)  Still believes in Love
24) Is find funny women sexy
25) I really do like people


  1. Do you really own a Snuggie..?

    Loveless marriage? I'll top that. I don't understand marriage, period. It's entirely unnatural to stay with the same person forever. I'm guessing you'd agree since you've been married twice. :)

  2. I like the progressive insurance girl too! LOL!

    In fact I was doing a search... ;-)

    But I also saw your comment on being very shy, I have that too, unfortunately.

    However my own shyness has improved a great deal , in no small part due to attending Social Anxiety Anonymous telephone support groups and learning about their approach to bypassing social anxiety and shyness.