Saturday, November 7, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 7 " A Farmville Intervention"

"Farmville" and other Facebook apps have become a scourge worse than meth, crack and lotto scratch off tickets of addiction. Removing friends from any social interaction other than, "Hey  have you seen my lost pink cow?" It seems 80% of my facebook friends have been sucked into this data mining  game .Playing it for hours on end, in some hypnotic stupor leaving them unable to communicate outside of Facebook Apps.

 Has Facebook failed as social media by giving us boring, slow moving, pointless yet addictive games like, "Farmville, Yoville, Mafia Wars, ect.... Most of these games like "mafia wars" are just a reskined version of of the same game yet everyone seems to play each of them like it is a full time job.  When i sign into FB i usually have 60 to 70 requests for these games by my friends! For alot of them it is the only sign of life on facebook I see.
 I like computer games! But ones that give me feedback, or involve skill or problem solving. These games give you none of that, they only give you a virtual cash payout. And some people spend real money on fake money on facebook apps. A true fact as painful as paying to get told you had sex without actually bumping uglies. They are the Thorazine of the game world.

 This is plea to my friends, stop this insanity, please.. I am truely interested in what you have to say... I do not need any pink cows, or maifa slum apartments.  Do I need to call A&E Intervention for you? I am really amazed at the control these games have over people. So share your feelings, or play with your kids, maybe graze some harmless internet porn but please for the love of God stop sending me Pink Cows!!!!!!!


  1. This is the reason that "block this user from sending me app requests" and "hide this horrible, horrible app from ever appearing on my wall again" were invented.

    I will admit that I had a serious case of Scrabulous addiction (somehow the new (and pretty much identical) Lexulous app has fewer of my friends playing it, so I'm not really on it anymore) and Scramble can suck me in for hours on end, but I have the common decency to (a) not invite people to these games and (b) not post it on my wall when I do play (no one needs to see "Beth found the word "TEA" in a game of Scramble)

  2. thank you beth for your facebook etiquette now if we could just spread the love.