Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 5 NaBloMo " A Few Reasons Why I Think Oprah is Evil"

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Ok, before hoards of you attack me on my boat with rolled up "O" magazines and and subdue me with book club stickers hear me out.....

 Is Oprah Satan? No, but she is evil. She did not start out that way, she began a humble journalist, a TV pioneer bringing us stories of triumph and hope. But as he empire grew so did her madness, the first sign of her impending eviltude was Steadmen her version of Katie Holmes, a beard so she can run around with her lover BFF Gail. Then she single handedly became the decider of what we should be reading by bringing us her exclusive "Book Club" and her non-narcissistic magazine "O" in which between ads for feminine hygiene products, her image appears on every page and her name on one count was mentioned over 1200 times.
 Then she went really mad, bring on Dr, Phil...... A un-licensed  shrink who just may love himself more than Queen "O". He is a polished trailer trash shrink who will shove his opinionated head into any media circus he can find, while he keeps his wife behind him with her stepford wife smile.
 Next up was another pop Doctor. DR. OZ who's name sounds like he should be a prison inmate doctor on a softcore gay fetish porn tv show. Dr. Oz who seems to be a specialist in every medical specialty and oddity has become more trusted and quoted than

 She fools us into thinking she is sweet by once a year giving away cars, fridges, vacation, and other stuff that her sponsors actually pay her to give away to screaming soccer moms.
 So yes here I lay the proof that Oprah is evil. She will not destroy the world or kill puppies but she has become a master of TV cheese. Dumbing America down, and has really just became a caricature of herself, feeding crap and we eat it. For Christ sakes she brought us John & Kate that should be proof alone.


  1. I agree, she is evil. I refuse to have her on my TV, not that Oprah is that big down here.

  2. I'm not a big Oprah supported because of her over-the-top consumerism...the show for her 50 Bday party (which cost millions), the show where she gave everyone a car, the show where people get 1000's of free wonder people hate Americans...Now don't get me wrong, she certainly seems to have donated to charity, started her own charities...but STILL, it doesn't sit well in my stomache to see the boasting of money and products. However, I do think she is a great example of a woman who went from seemingly nothing to a very successful and respected Woman Of Power.

    I don't hate her as much as Martha Stewart, who sets back the Womens Movement decades.

    As for Dr. Oz...he actually is a very respected physician among his peers, after speaking with a couple, I was quite surprised to find that out, but I do believe them.

    I've never been into Dr Phil so have no comment

  3. I remember seeing an episode of Oprah (note: my roommate was watching it - it wasn't my fault) where she said she was going to give everyone a big surprise. And the audience members started salivating "OMG! We are all getting cars!!" But then, Oprah said, "You all get $10,000 - but you can't keep it. You have to give it away to someone else and we will lend you these Sony camcorders to record it and then we'll use the content to make a show about "acts of kindness."" (translation: you are going all work for my show now and you aren't getting paid a cent. And you don't even get to keep the camcorders - they are just on loan). And the crowd cheered (because the cameras were on and they had too), but you could see in their deadened eyes, they were thinking "Where the fuck is my car, bitch?" I thought it was pretty funny - serves you right you selfish, consumeristic bastards!

  4. i agree she sucks,i keep her on the TiVo cause i like her makeover shows and i also am on a quest to get women in the right size bra, bitch stole my idea though i was on the mission before she did a show on it. HA honestly im not sure on the exact timing but it was close.

    one of my biggest hugest complaints about her is that if you listen to literally any interview she does no matter who it is on she turns the conversation back to herself, now im not saying she hasn't had a hard rough and tumble abusive life but then make your show about THAT don't make EVERY conversation about you - someone will say something and she'll be all like that time I took the dogs for a walk and one fell in and ohhhh i had to save the dog. what that has to do with anything i don't know.

    and yes lady come out of the fucking closet EVERYONE knows you are gay you should have seen how jealous Gayle looked because she was hanging with Ellen (please forgive me on that one i LOVE Ellen) what i want to know is how much Stedman gets paid as cover, i have ALWAYS wondered that.