Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas from The X-Mas Badger

Hello all time for my 1st Annual Holiday blog posting, if I am alive or not in prison next year I hope to follow up on a theme.
  The holidays have always been bitter sweet to me, from my rabid jealousy of my non Jewish friends over x-mas trees and holiday cheer, to what to me was a loss of x-mas with the lose of family & friends. Hence the X-mas Badger, he arrived this year to spray the world with his bah humbug musk. And welcoming others to join in his anti x-mas weaseling.
 But alas you all tamed the Xmas badger. Well not completely he will still roam in search of booze, women of questionable moral fiber and cheese. But he was moved this year by the support of friends and strangers alike.
 As most of you know I have Cancer, basically a cancer hat trick one turned into three different varietals. I hit the healthcare lottery.
 One of my visiting friends is of a rare type, and scares the musk out of the X-mas badger and myself. But fret none of you. I am determined to fight, and with humor and grace ( the only kind of grace I can muster. if you know me you will understand).

 So here is my Holiday gratitude list:

1) My Family, we may not be big but we are close & I love you so much I cannot even say.
2) My long Time friends, again distance may separate us but it has never severed our long time connections.
3) to my New Friends, I could not be making through these holidays without you. With unselfish warmth you have welcomed me into your homes and lives. My heart is truly full with your kindness. But a hooker would still be nice.

The X-Mas badgers wishes you all a joyous happy holidays & new year. If I could give you all anything it would be you being able to feel the love and support that you all gave me this year. So it is ok to embrace the X-mas badger in all of you, some more than others but I digress. I mean embrace life, love, fun & happiness. Follow you hearts, dreams, and stomach and you too will be full.

Merry Christmas,

The Happy X-Mas Badger.


  1. Merry Christmas to you too! But not to your cancer - your cancer can go suck it. But to you, I wish a happy holidays!

  2. Happy holidays! NetChicks wishes you a happy new year!

  3. im just pleased i got to meet you at the end of the early nothings. bring on the dix! i can be serious too. youve made a mark sir. the year to come will be better that we met.

  4. That was lovely Steven and somewhat tear jerking, you b.... (will leave that at ..., as its Christmas Eve). So glad to have gotten to know you this past little while.

    Raising a glass to the pursuit of scaring that vile C word out of you in the New Year.

    Sending you an enormous hug and lots of love,


  5. Merry Christmas and I hope your cancer turns out to be booze-intolerant. Wouldn't that be awesome?

  6. Heard you might be in my hood soon. Coincidentally, John's gonna come out and keep my couch company for a few days right around then as well. You'll share yr travel plans w me when you know them?

    You rule. Cancer can suck it. Xoxo