Friday, December 18, 2009

Please Support Reading is Sexy!!!

I do not normally talk about or promote anything on my blog. But in case you have not heard my new friend and sexy chickie Emme Rogers has put together a calander to raise money and awareness for dyslexia.
 I love to read, it can free me from the daily abuse that life can throw at me and take me to magical places. For our youth books can inspire, educate, and heal. There are lots of worthy Charities in the world, but if no one reads no one will know. So i am proud to support Emme Rogers in her cause.
 The Calender also features models of all ages, sizes, and walks of life. It not only celebrates reading but it says everyone is sexy....and that is good.

 If you want to order a calender here is a link

and you can read the life of Emme Rogers on her blog:

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  1. Awe! Thanks Seven! You're such a lovely beast! (I was going to same man. but somehow just seemed more fitting)


    Emme xoxo