Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year & Farewell Resolutions!!!!!!!!

The last day of the year and the decade is upon us. In a short time the world begins a new decade. We all have hopes and dreams that the year & decade coming will bring us happiness, health, love, and a smaller ass. Are New Years resolutions intellectually dishonest? Is there a difference between placing our desires of change on a arbitrary date, and the hope of a better tomorrow? I think it is and there is.

  Personally I do not think a flick in the calender and a change in a four digit number is reason to promise ourselves and others change. If we are really serious about making change in our lives we would do it today even if today was March 9th. For generations the tradition of New Years resolutions have festered in us, giving us a out not to mark our lives with change the rest of the year. A 364 day free pass as it were. If I were honest with my self and i wanted a smaller ass i would have done it months ago before it eclipsed the moon. A date on a calender is not a point where we decide to grow, we should strive for this everyday. Every single day we should make some resolution to change ourselves in order to change the world.

 New Years for me is a time of reflection, a place where I can see my successes and failures of a year. Reflection is more important than resolutions because without knowing where we can from we cannot grow. Not knowing who i was last month, leaves me crippled to change myself for the better in the next.

No New Years Resolutions for me today, only a desire to grow as a person tomorrow with what i learned about myself today. The only way we can change the world is if we grow as humans and members of a global community.

 Some of you may say, “Steven you must have some regrets from last year”. No I do not...... Even my health issues are only a cog in my personal growth. To regret the past only shrouds it in darkness. The only way I grow is through light and vision. So regrets are more malignant than the cancer in me to my soul.

Remember friends New Years Resolutions are Expectations and today's expectations are tomorrows resentments.........

I wish everyone a happy & healthy New Year full of wonderment, joy, love and adventure. I hope in the coming days we all find a little more peace, a little more tolerance, a little more of ourselves.

I love my friends, family and I will try today to Love strangers as well as myself a little more.