Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 2 of Badger Gone Mental, "Dance That Crazy Ass Dance"

 As Day 2 comes to a close, yes I am still bat shit nuts but there is some idea of the itinerary on my trip to madnessville. First stop I am no longer committed I am now Volunteer, which in crazy speak means that I am allowed to wander around outside when I want and if I do not return the police will not seek to speak with me.

 Here at Burnaby General there are Levels of freedom given to patients based on the risk of self harm. they are;

  • Level 1 : You are dressed head to toe in the classic fashion of the Bonkers, a gown in a lovely shade of light blue ( assless if you are daring and you double up if you are shy), hospital socks and you cannot leave the ward for nothing, not even if you are talking to Jesus which I think a couple of folks are, so I asked them to put in a good word for me. I can use all the help I can get.
  • Level 2 : no more sexy blue robes you can wear your own clothes but you still cannot go out and wander the grounds.
  • Level 3: You are free to wander the grounds for a hour, go for a smoke buy Tim bits at the Tim Hortons in the cafe.
  • Level 4: You can go out all day anywhere you wish but you have to return at night for dreams on your piss proof pillow.
  • Level 5:  Over night passes, which can be lots of trouble or fun depending on how sick you are and creative as well.
I have gone right from Level 2 to Level 4 I way always a over achiever now I can go to metrotown and wander around like a octogenarian if I like.

   I will be beginning my ECT tune up on Monday so lets hope I do not forget any of you or my website passwords especially for that midget porn site.  My roommate has severe OCD but is a slob huh that is a new one for me and if you read my tweets from earlier you know  his mum looks like Cher after 6 month binge on Meth. He also bought around 20 pounds of fruit today, I hope he eats it all or our room will be like a fruit fly version of free buffet at a blogger convention.

  My mood still sucks and I still feel helpless, hopeless and crappy, I know and hope it will be changing after monday's plug into the electric grid. Still no Jello thank god lunch was a hospital version of Mac & Cheese, and was actually pretty damn good, I could have done without the turnips, fuck this place loves turnips.

 I ventured into Arts & Crafts today which is so stereo typically psych ward ironic it is almost a hipster activity. I made a plaque for some friends. If you have any requests I can make you a dream catcher or maybe colour you a picture with crayons.

 This place is not all that horrible, it is clean, we are treated with respect and if you need help it can safe or change your life. My writing these daily blurbs about my stay are to breakdown stigma. If you have any questions leave them on my blog, and I will answer them for you. 


  1. make some dreamcatchers, they can only help :) Hang in there!

  2. enjoy the raw power when they jack you in and stay positive

  3. i would like a picture coloured with crayons please, seeing as you are offering. :)

  4. I was just wondering if maybe now was the time to launch your line of tinfoil yarmulkes and yarmulke liners (for those in the closet).

    Also, I wondered if maybe we should send you a t-shirt with the iron man chest arc-reactor that said something like "ECT Powered" or something.

    Just the random thoughts of another cast member from Mad Men.

  5. I do not think they have macaroni art in crafts and that is crime against crazy people everywhere.