Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 5 of The Badger Go9es Mental, " The Badger Bites His Handlers & Other Weirdness"

As Day 5 tumbles to it's finish like some tortoise and hare race except the Hare is wearing a straitjacket and the poor tortoise stopped to hoard apple juice and crackers.  Today was an odd day for me as I went postal on my doctor and laid the line down to my roommie.

    As you know I have a really fucked back, I am in chronic pain always and sometime this pain get worse and becomes acute. Last night I entered a acute horrific stage of pain, unable to walk ten metres without feeling like Oprah is dancing on my spine, whilst Nancy Grace is gnawing on it. The pain I blame on the beds in the Six Flags of Crazy. They are like building a bridge on Pancakes, except you cannot eat the mattresses, and if you did your diagnosis would probably change and that I do not need.

 A little recent History for  you. When I was in the Emerg getting admitted the shrink said, "yes we will get you pain meds once you are on the ward". That was 5 days ago and my pain free future looks bleak.
 My Dr, whom has a beard and probably likes Jello and kicks Kitties said "NO PAIN MEDS" i could just take Tylenol. Fuck You bearded shrink!! I have a history with this Putz he was my shrink for couple of days last time I was hear and I dumped him then for being a insensitive, arrogant ass. But I was willing to give him another chance til today. See he is a dr who prefers his patients to be soft and submissive, unaware of their rights and easily pushed around. I am not that patient, Not even close, So I went Badger on him and anyone who would listen.  I also called my outside dr and told him about how I was treated.

 I have talked before about the 2 tier Medical System we have. If I was in hospital for lets say some kind of infection, or maybe gout and My back was in the shape it is in I would be getting to see another doc and getting pain management asap. But if you are crazy it is different story. And being depressed sucks being depressed and in pain is a horror show. You would think DR. Beardo would want to make me pain free in order to get me healthy faster. So that was my day, I am lucky my Nurse today is one of the top 3 psych nurses I have ever had. Today I am a Bitter Badger I hope tomorrow goes more gentle. Again Thank you all for your continued support and for reading my rants and drivel.


  1. Maybe Beardo is a fuck up like that nutty major hassan who shot all those people or just a failed surgeon like the douchebag nazi i saw last month.Anyway lets hope they get you some better pain meds

  2. What happened with your roommate? Have you licked the doorknob yet?

  3. Oh man. Being in pain really sets back any progress on the bi-polar. I have a family member with similar diagnosis, and holy, I wouldn't want to see this person dealing with pain on top of what they are already struggling with.

    I really hope you see some results, there. :(