Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 6 of "The Badger Goes Mental" " Ode to Paper Shoes & Piss Proof Pillows"

 On Tonight's Episode of The Badger Goes Mental, Day 6 "Paper Shoes & Piss Proof Pillow"
In the Nut Hatchery status among patients is not social economic. Sure we have a couple of "lord of Flies"moments which vanish as quickly as Lindsy Lohan's adult career. This is due in part to fear of the isolation room. A jail type room with a pissproof mattress on the floor and stainless steel sink / toilet just like in prison.

 If you stand up for yourself  or self advocate some drs. and nurses see you as out of control and have you locked up. Yes the isolation room has it's benefits for when someone is out of control, but iot can be abused when used to just give a nurse or doc some peace from an annoying patient. Back to the theme of the day.

The social status in the ward starts with, who has there own clothes and who is wearing hospital gowns. I notice this at meals where the gowned eat with the  gowned and the clothes eat with the clothes. Even in here people are lumped into some kind of caste. Then it breaks down even more those who can go outside and those who can't and at the top of pecking order those that can leave hospital grounds. Some move quickly like me others languish in paper shoes for weeks with the only fresh air they get is in the caged garden in the back. My friend Airdre commented it was like a zoo for crazy folks and she is right it has that feel to it.

 I have had a hard day today, depression mixed with chronic and acute pain do not mix well and my arrogant beardo Doctor who says I do not need pain meds. Also even if I am allowed out of the hospital I am still an inpaitent I still sleep with a piss proof pillow and being awoke every hour by the safety checks by the nurse.  I am also fighting with balancing this blog with humor and seriousness as I fear I am being too silly and not serious enough. For this I would appreciate some feedback. i am off to bed thank you all again for reading my rants of a crazy man and offering me such great personal support


  1. For me, reading your posts here, will all the inappropriate humor, means that I know things will work out.

    Yeah it might be a hard row to hoe, but your friends are out here...

    Now where did I put my tinfoil hat...

  2. I feel like you've kept a healthy balance of silliness and seriousness. I agree with Tris - it's when the sense of humour is missing that I'd be concerned.

    ... and even if you DO look good in white, try to avoid the fancy jackets with the buckles, if you can. :)

  3. I think you need to have a sense of humour... And it's really great to see you haven't lost it, my friend. Thinking of ya...