Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 4 of "The Badger Goes Mental" "The Badger is Bored by The Sabbath"

 It is day four of my voyage to wellness and It is also Sunday the Sabbath if you are not Jewish or a Seventh Day Adventist. What does this mean, you ask? Major Boredom, they are no activities, doctors, groups, underwater basket weaving on Sundays. There is lots of pacing, 6 year old magazines and more gruel for dinner. So I went out for a Japadog and coffee with internet. As much fun as this seems I am still unable to really get pleasure from much these days, a symptom of depression, meh with a capital MEH.

 Tonight's topic of this post is "Booby Hatchery Staff the good the bad and the sometimes ugly". Most of use are familiar with Mental Health professional by what we see on TV, the Nurse Ratchet from Cookoo's Nest or the stereotypical shrink who is a mix of a weirdo with a beard and a Sadist who gets pleasure from making us crazy folk suffer. These are myths , are there nurse ratchets, kinda some nurses do not like their jobs or their paitents. Some others keep the Stigma going by creating a tiered level of care based on your diagnosis, they like depressed people but not manics, and so on. It is sad that some still operate this way. But there are the ones who are compassionate, kind, helpful and caring. These are at least at Burnaby General the rule rather than the exception.

 Then we have the Docs, mine happens to have a beard which in psychiatry seems to run as epidemic as beards on men in Orthodox Jewish community or in beardos on  the hipster ghetto of Main Street. Some doctors will not only judge you on your diagnosis but will also judge you on your education and socio-economic status. If you are rich educated and bat shit crazy you get a pass, if you are from the DTES or Surrey well that is a different story. But they are NOT sadists they actually want you to get better there is no reward for keeping your sick. A lot of patients do not trust the doctors and think they are cruel or cold. They see thousands of ill people a year, and they tend to have a low threshold for BS.

 It is great when you are with staff that include you actively in your treatment plan who treat you as a human and that is what I mostly experience.

If you are ever in my shoes, or know someone who is, give the staff a break they also are human and many of them also have a mental illness because "Nuts Has No Boundaries"  Again thank you all for your continued support the comments you leave help me thru my days of bad tv, gruel and other weirdness that you can only find where I am.


  1. Thanks for another day of news! I keep coming back to check... xo

  2. Re: your comment about staff - It's my honest belief that mental wellness is a continuum and we're all somewhere between 'sane' and 'bat-shit-crazy'. Makes it a little easier to stay open-minded, generally.

    Good luck on the continued voyage ...

  3. I don't have any deep or insightful comment here. I'm enthralled with how you are documenting your whole "adventure". Speaking as one who only gets the depressed side of things ... I can only imagine half of what you're going through.

    That half still sucks though.