Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Badger Eats Pills: Psych med Gourmet Reviews "Seroquel"

The Blogging and interwebs world is full of Foodie Bloggers they are everywhere, and I am a foodie, I am also Crazy. So I decided that to break new social media ground I would write reviews about Psych meds that I take or have taken. it is a untouched space in digital reviews and I hope that soon there will be a Yelp category or maybe even a Camp for it. First I have to say that I am not saying that psych meds are bad and should not be taken, they help and are needed. I just want to take down some stigma surrounding them and have some fun.

Just like popular foods there are popular crazy meds and not unlike Pizza which has become a food for everyone  so has Seroquel a delightful little pill from the La Cordon Blue of Psych Pharma, "AstraZeneca" . This delightly little pill was first created in the test kitchens of AstraZeneca while they were try to develop a pill that went very well with Potato Chips at 1 A.M. ...

 It was a success! Seroquel is a salt (who does not like salt?) which was first dined on by people who needed to eat some anti-psychotics and like any good food was soon found to work on depression,  bipolar, mania, anxiety and anyone who had a aversion to carbohydrates. Depending on your appetite it can be ordered in various portion sizes from 10mg to 200mg nomminess. I preferred to eat 750 mg at a time because I am a glutton.

 Seroquel is paired well with a nice French anti-depressant or if you do not go nap time soon Mexican food in the form of 7-8 bags of "Doritos" maybe  followed by a dessert of creme du Ben & Jerry's .   After your dining a long protracted dinner coma will ensue complete with such activities as nocturnal weight gain, and competitive pillow drooling. after eating your Seroquel you will find that you no longer bark at squirrels, avoid bridges, shop for crap you don't need or fit any of your pants anymore.

 The Bipolar Badger recommends Seroquel if your Dr./Waiter prescribes it. It can make your life better and is a  good med for a lot of people. So eat and be mentally healthy!!
DISCLAIMER: I am not a Physician or Healthcare professional, this is just satire and I by no means recommend any  prescription to or dosage of seroquel or any pharmaceuticals and you should consult a physician prior to starting any medications.

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