Friday, November 26, 2010

"What Nightmares May Come"

I have always dreamed vivid realistic dreams. I am also quite frequently able to awake and return to my dreams where I left off. This is great when it is a good dream but not when I am having a nightmare.  Last night was one of those nightmare nights.

 Restless sleep mixed with a vivid never ending nightmare, which transfered into my awake state enough to leave me confused about my surroundings are bad enough. But Mix that with a nightmare of being committed to mental hospital by my father with the help of my friends only to be told they would never see me again, no one would, made last night's experience brutal. In my dream I was wandering the hospital looking for a way home in my gown, only to get turned around and returned to my bed. Then I would wake up and think I was in my dream.

 My mind was caught in circle of thought, asleep I was back in the asylum, awake I was dreading returning the asylum and had panic attacks every time I awoke. As I am writing this hours later it is still fresh in my mind and have been mildly traumatized all day. I am off my emotional game today big time.

 Psychotropic drugs used to treat mental illness can cause intense dreams and nightmares. It is  just something you have to live with. But every once and awhile the perfect storm of restless sleep and nightmares strikes and I am still surprised at the emotional toll it can take on me. Part of it is the subject of my evening, a fear of a lot of people living with mental illness is being committed to a hospital, mix this will trippy confusing visuals and the sleep - consciousness crossing and it becomes a micro mental health event.  Lets hope tonight is all rainbows and fucking unicorns or just a plain of no dream sleep.


  1. i hate that shit. if a nightmare wakes me up, i have to get up for a minute if i dont want to plunge back into hell. i havent perfected a technique to wake up instantly yet, but if i kick like a bastard in molasses i can usually come to. fucking nightmare on elm street was brilliant.

  2. I actually got up, pissed had a smoke and went right back into the nightmare. I was fucked.