Saturday, February 20, 2010

" Am I A Tree?"

Am I a tree, I know I am strong, I know I have deep roots, but am I am tree. Do others seek me for shade when they need to be shielded. I am I a place where visitors can measure time, where they can place me as a yard a shield  still of time, a constant.
 Am i a tree, a place of comfort where one can can come and know they are not alone. A steadiness in winds of change, a reminder of earth when earth seems so distant. I am I a tree when my falling leaves, my memories, joy and love can leave me and lift another.. I try to be a tree.. but a tree is alone.. providing it's comfort only to others who seek it's protection. Only to those who find a cooling kindness in it's shade.

 I am a tree to those who seek my gentle peace....


  1. You are beautiful and strong. I like trees.

  2. I like trees too.. Nothing like falling asleep in ones shadow.. Nice work on the very first poem.. See it isn't that scary.

  3. as uber cheesy as this is...remember Avatar with there is that one big tree and its roots or essence is interconnected with everything else. You may feel alone once in awhile but also remember that your words, touch, actions, and essence affects those around you....and theirs affect you

  4. "a reminder of earth when earth seems so distant"

    I like that. Trees have a way of grounding me. Whenever I'm overwhelmed, I know I'm due for a walk in the forest. There's a certain accepting calm that can only be found there.