Monday, February 1, 2010

"Chasing Happiness That Lurks Around Us All"

 In my last post I stated that I would be bringing the shutters down on my public life and my blog. As the days passed the thought of deleting and ending this experiment would make me very sad. I hate being sad, it makes me ugly inside and out.

 This is why I am writing now about happiness, which despite the makings of being all around us and best of all free, we struggle the most in finding. As our lives mature and become more complex we find it harder to define and create our happiness. Just watch how two simple things makes  a child beam with happiness, a shovel and a sand box. Simple the ability to find simple things fun, and exploration of new experiences makes children happy. Why then do we all struggle?

 There are lots of reasons i believe, social pressure for social norms, our chase to be loved, and expectations on us created by media. I think these are common self talk we create that inhibits our easy of finding happiness;

  • " If I had just some more money It would make it easier to be Happy" ( Yes money can free us to enjoy more things but it does not bring happiness only the veneer of happiness. I have seen some very very happy poor people.)
  • "If I found that "one" love i would be happy". ( not true because a single person cannot make you happy)
  • "If I was thinner, taller, shorter, less hairy, more hairy, prettier, etc. i would be happy". ( Whole unadulterated Cow Shit chasing these will drive us mad and make us miserable. Taking pride in how you look goes along way to making one feel better but chasing ideals does not)
I am a happy man and enjoy it, yes I have plenty of reasons not to be yet I am still a fairly happy person. Sometimes jaded, odd, crusty yes. But in reality I am sweet, sensitive and kind. I love people and seeing them makes me happy. I roam the world in my life like a kid in a huge sand box with a shovel. I allow my self to feel, I communicate with others how i feel as well. These also make me happy. I hold doors at stores open for people just because, I take interest in people when they speak this too can bring you happiness thru listening .
 I have experienced true Love more than once, this has filled me, lifted me up and allowed me to see happiness all around me. I can now experience sadness knowing that I can find happiness when I need it. Today I am the luckiest man on earth & a happy one knowing that, I have happy people, friends, family around me. Who always remind me in the most glorious ways that happiness is everywhere like air....
 I will end this post in this statement. "I feel that the biggest destroyer of happiness is complacency, the world offers us so much if we are not complacent."

Follow your hearts a little more than your minds and seek joy!!!!



  1. Reading this posting made me happy. =)

  2. thank you Beth that means alot. Yes I write for my own crazy mind but I also like to write something that will make others think, or grin.