Thursday, February 4, 2010

"An Open Letter to Cancer"

Dear Asshat Cancer,

 Why have you grown attached to me? Is it my eyes? I doubt it but you do like me i know. How do I know? Because you will not leave me alone, you think my life is your playground.

 First time i met you, was when you visited my wife, you like us so much you came to dinner twice and decided to take the one thing in life I loved J.J. You stole her from me in her prime a bright kind amazing women who never lost faith in life, me or kindness. You ripped her away from the earth with no remorse and left me to wonder if i could ever love again. You scarred my soul. You are a shitty house guest.

 Then you decided to visit my Mum yes she was 81 and had a wonderful life, yes you took her quickly like a thief in the night, so quickly you denied me a moment to say good bye to her, the woman who always loved and supported me. The last women to whom I was a hero. You fucker.

 That was not enough was it, no you set your dark cold eyes on me this time. But you waited til I was happy and content in my life, til I was ready to love and be loved again. You waited til i believed and had a heart again. Then you knocked on my door like the fuller brush man of sorrow.
 Now you fuck with me... ok , i get that. but you also fuck with people who care about me. You make them fear getting close to me, you make them worry, you sick soulless fucker. Once again you are trying to deny me joy & love. You attempt to make me hard, to crawl back into my loneliness and isolation. I can deal with the pain and fear for you taught me to be strong against that sword you wheel, but I hate being sad, lonely, I hate that you make me feel unlovable, ugly and worthless.

 I will beat you, because I must, because you will not get me, make me dust, steal my soul before it is time. My desire to love again is too strong for you, my joy of life depletes your power, my inner strength is a shield against your hate. So go now, your not welcome around my house anymore. I will not give you power. You are a asshole who no one likes. So FUCK YOU for hurting the ones I love & care about. Good Riddance............................


  1. Punch that asshat cancer in the mouth for me too. Gatecrashing bastard needs a good slap.

  2. Ya... fuck you, Cancer. Barry and I kick you in the head. Leave Steven alone now.

    Sending you love and hugs, S. We're always here with an ear, and when needed, some escapism.

  3. Fuck it up the ass, but not in a good way.

  4. The "Fuck it up the ass" is actually an in joke. Someone once wrote it on my blog wrt cancer, and I thought it seemed too erotic, so I added the "but not in a good way" but now it sounds like rape. Good God, I'm angry but not THAT angry. So just "fuck cancer" yah, just fuck it. Not in a sexual way. I'm not a perv.

  5. Well, maybe I'm a *little* pervy, but not in an *illegal* way.

  6. Did I mention I'm a little OCD?

  7. I'd like to get cancer in a submission hold and chew part of its ear off. Going through this with a close family member right now and I'd like to kick the living **** out of cancer. Very very sick of it.

    I like your attitude.

  8. Brilliantly written, Steven. I'm just getting around now to reading this, somehow the story found me this time. Yes cancer is an asshole of a visitor. I'm about to be one year without my Dad who had to say goodbye within the course of two months to us all. It's the shittiest thing since the stigma of the 'c' word makes one a near leper. Yet so many people are getting the disease, it's nearly normal now to hear of someone who is either diagnosed or in remission. Sucky thing. Thanks for this post.