Friday, February 19, 2010

"Let Me Touch You For Awhile"

  The touch of a human is in my opinion one of the greatest gifts on earth. It bridges our humanity in ways that cannot be imitated, or replaced. I was lucky to be raised in a way that touching people was not only ok, but encouraged, hugs for the sake of hugs are common in my world.

 I need a tactile connection with people it is like air to me, it makes me feel safe, loved, and connected. It reminds me of human kindness and it feel really damn good. Some people seem to not need or like touch, for what ever reason and some I understand and others i do not, but people who do not or cannot show affection thru touch kinda creep me out i do not feel emotionally safe with them.

 The degrees and type of touch vary, from compassion, friendship to romantic and erotic and they all mean much to me;

 The touch of a friend that warm hospitality of a hug or the encouraging pat on the back or shoulder is like a shield that keeps loneliness at bay. It reminds us of being part of a bigger thing, allows us to be open to seek joy in the company of others.

 The touch of compassion, this simple act which when we are low or in pain is healing, compassionate touch is selfless as selfless can get..I am lucky and a better man because of receiving and giving this physical sign of caring.

The Touch of Romance, we all love this or I would like to think we all do. The gentle touch of a lower back, holding and grasping hands in such a way you would think if let go the world would disapear. A hand on my cheek will make me melt, it takes me to a place that I feel sexy, desired, and I know at that moment I am all that matters, nothing else exists at that moment, and when combined with a kiss is the best thing in the world.

The Erotic Touch, that smooth exploration of another's body hands fingers wandering, feeling the response of your lover and focusing on them, as you respond to their touch in kind. This energy is incredible, it creates a connection, intimacy, and passion.

Do not over look the real importance of touch in your life, allow it to remind you that you are loved, let it carry you when you cannot carry yourself, invite it show you passion, connection and your inner sexiness. Breath in the people in your life so go hug someone, touch someone's hand.. Kiss your lover, partner, or someone you always wanted to kiss. Feel the connection to humanity that only the touch of someone can bring.


  1. Sometimes I make massage therapy appointments just so I can feel the sensation of touch for a change ... you're right, don't underestimate the importance.

  2. If more men had an attitude like this we would live in a better world. People who feel connected to humanity aren't violent, don't start wars or need hard drugs to blot out their self-loathing. Thanks Steven, I'm glad one asshole didn't stop you blogging.

  3. thank you PJ that really nice to say. I think more men do think like me they just do not say it

  4. This is lovely. I grew up in a very British sort of family that wasn't very tactile. I have learned to be tactile as an adult. It's so healing. I agree entirely with PJ -- more touch, less hate.

  5. I vividly remember being in elementary school and almost threatening my girl friends into playing with my hair. I really loved having people play with my hair then- in fact I still do, but it's so rare that that ever happens anymore. That was the first time that I remember touch being used to communicate some kind of innocent bonding. We all used to braid each others hair, and because of that, us girls all became friends.

    If I couldn't sleep at night, my mom's way to put me at ease was to lightly drag her fingers up and down my arm. To this day- that sensation makes me stop in my tracks. It isn't erotic, but it may as well be it's so soothing to me.

    Thank you for reminding everyone of the importance of touch.
    This piece touched me. (Sorry I couldn't help it)