Thursday, February 11, 2010

"I am Light, I am Darkness, I am Steven

The earth rotates so we can see Light & Darkness, one not being better than the other. Light brings with it life, warmth, startling beauty. It lets us see moviates us to move, to create, to celebrate. But we forget what darkness brings us. It brings us peace, it rests us so we can create and love again when light returns. It fills us with wonder makes us ask questions, it's removal of detail facilitates our imaginations to fill the voids our eyes cannot see. It is mystery, it is brief moments of fear.

 There are two parts to me, both light and dark... I think we all have this as it is another part of the balance of humanity. But it is what we do with these that defines us.

For the Light in me is my ability to love, to share, finding joy in the joy of others. My ability to make people laugh, and alot of the times at my expense. My light is in my touch, my warmth passes from me to the one who i am focused on. My light is my passion, passion for what and who I believe in, passion to speak for others who have no voice or cannot speak. My light is my beliefs... in humanity... in self... My life is my creativity, which still allows me to see the world with childlike awe. My light is my curiosity which moves me in my life process of education and quest for knowledge.

 My Darkness in me is two things like the above a balance to light. My darkness sooths others when they cannot sleep. My darkness brings others wonder and and  helps fill in the things that darkness hides from us. My darkness is also what I have seen in my adult life as a journalist. I have witnessed so much horror, war famine, man's sometimes truly unspeakable inhumanity to man.
 This has changed me yes, it only has made my light brighter. I can be called dark, my humor, stark un-edited thoughts and ideas. These do scare people, whom do not understand this darkness. Because it may rub off, it may block the light, it may poison the well. This is true for some people who have seen darkness like I have, but not me. I take that painful blackness and turn it into light for them it remains mostly hidden in a place within me that it cannot or will not escape. I am the caretaker of this pain I have seen, not allowing it to move to darkness others.

 What makes is this balance without what I have experienced I would not be who I am.. good or bad.. I love who I am, I work to be better yes. But my core will always be my core never changed, never compromised, never complacent


  1. I always thought of my light and dark sides like the balance in a Black & Tan... your way may be better... certainly more eloquent.

  2. Blessings to you for your beautiful truth...