Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Reworking my Life a Plan For My Future"

 Events as you know in my life have given me at least one gift. The gift of self reflection. When I beat this I will be given the life version of a school yard do over, a chance to follow my heart and soul.

 I love what I do, I feel it is important and relevant. It has given me a voice for others when they have not had a voice. I wish to continue this but in a different forum. I recently met a person who shares with me the value of story telling, which has been the venue for cultures since the beginning of time to share history, family, hopes, dreams, and cultural traditions. It has been a tradition in my culture for ever. Our dinner tables are our stage, family & friends its players. This is a tradition that I hold dear to me.

 I have in some ways lost my way. Caught up in the misery of the world, chasing war, famine and the worst of humanity. It has not dried up my soul and I must stop before it does.

 So I will leave my career, to focus on the stories of the children of the world. Thru Documentary film making I plan to tell these tales, to empower our world's children to lift up them to be better stewards of this planet that  we have marred with our lack of child like wonderment. Both films made by adults and projects to put the camera in the hands of children of the world so they can share their intriguing story with other children. To bridge our youth together in order to create love and peace. I imagine it a global camp fire where kids can teach us what it is to be human in ways only they can.

 This will alter my life, I am going to sell my boat, buy a house and film centre in Squamish and create a place for voices... I hope you will all follow and support me in my dream, a dream to once again see the world through kids eyes

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