Monday, February 8, 2010

"This Mans View of the Laws of Attraction"

 I know what you are saying, "Moose men do not write about such things", but I am not if you haven't figured out yet a typical man by any stretch of ones imagination.
Attraction is elusive, hard to define, as varied as the colours of sunsets around the globe. Still we all seek to rope it in define it tame it's effects on us. This can not be done. I will not be foolish or narcissitic enough to tell you what it is for you, but I will attempt to explain it from my eyes and heart.

 For me I do not have a type physically, yes I find alot of woman of all sizes, races, types beautiful. But there is more to attraction than beauty alone, and I have yet to grasp in detail how it grabs my attention.

 I do know that I love a smile, that smile a woman has that speaks of kindness, childlike wonder, sexiness and a veiled naughtiness. A smile that makes me warm when it is -20 out. A smile that will not let me go across a room of people. This smile says to me you are special. There is nothing I love to kiss more than this kind of smile. Looking at my past loves, crushes, relationships this is one of the common themes.

 Humor, make me laugh and i will melt like brie in the sun. A funny witty woman come with such playfulness she says to me, Hi lets play, life with me will never be boring, when needed you will laugh at me to remind me to be humble, you will make me laugh when you do not know I am watching. I will fill myself by watching you laugh with others or just yourself. There is no wonder why most people say humor is so sexy.

 Kindness, simple right? No truly kind people are created they are the effect of the actions of people they encountered through their life. Kindness is sexy... it says to me I am a warm place where you can feel safe. Your harbour in a dark stormy night. Kindness can carry a romance under stress like a cradle. Watching you deliver your kindness to others make you beautiful to me. It reminds me of love, love of self and love of others.... this is very erotic to me.

 Shared vision, I do not need to love everything you do nor do I have to be a mirror of you to be attracted to you. but a shared soul of vision and values is also sexy because it tells me that I will not walk alone. that even if we both see a different leaf we can see the commonality of it's beauty.

 Then there is for me being tactile, i love to be touched so a person who hugs touches a shoulder, places a hand in the small of my back for just a second is attractive to me. I am attracted to the way you touch your friends, strangers, family. Because warmth is sexy...

 Comfort in one's self, independence mixed with a desire to share one's self with others. A swagger, the way you carry yourself, oh so very sexy strength of self is in a woman if it is not arrogance.

 Intelligence, is for me a deal breaker. I get turned on by a mind, someone who likes to talk, shares ideas, dreamers are very sexy to me. A person who strives through knowledge to make the world around them and far away from them a better place. You want to make me yours show me your mind and I will follow you home. Show me your ignorance and I do not care how hot you are, you just became unattractive.

 These are the things I know makes a woman attractive to me. They enhance and create physical beauty. For me these are just a few things I can identify that makes a woman attractive to me I am sure there are many others, not to mention the little things.

 Yes Physically I like the curve of a woman, skin I want to touch all day. Eyes that smile, flirt, calm, and show gentleness. will drive me nuts.

But at the end of the day... The woman who is what I wrote about above is breathtaking, more powerful than any river, or sea.


  1. That's beautiful! So much so, it caused my eyes to well up. You are beautiful!