Friday, July 30, 2010

"What Makes The Badger's Mind Smile"

 It has been a trying month, I have been jump started more times than a Chrysler K-Car in Juno in January and my brain no longer qualifies for it's energy star rating. I have tossed and turned on plastic piss proof pillows, lived in a constant fear of jello and fought to recover a bit of sanity. Still I try and be upbeat, funny and involved in life. Today I was poking around in my grey matter and seeking what makes my mind smile. In the face of emotional and physical uncertainty what do I believe in? I did what I never do and made a list. Indulge me if you please?

  • I believe dogs smile, and do so for our happiness
  • I know that Black Cod is mana from Jebus
  • Tenderness is too underused and under appreciated
  • I actually do like people
  • Today's expectation is Tomorrow's resentment 
  • Talking to Strangers is not only fun, it make the world slower and that is good.
  • I do not need to be alone.
  • We only have 16 functional hours in a day and micro-managing everything or trying to fucks up your day.
  • Raccoons and skunks make me smile..a lot. 
  • When I feel like adult life is beating me down I try to see the world through the eyes of a child.
  • Dr Pepper makes coke it's bitch.
  • Life is not fair but life can still be good.
  • Constantly Surprised by the kindness of others
  • Life is not static so expecting emotions to be is like pissing in the wind.
  • Do not be afraid to tell someone you Love them. It has a wonderful effect on your day and maybe just maybe theirs.
  • never ever ever forget that it is ok to fuck up.
  • Be Loyal to your Beliefs not Brands
  • Life Coaches, Gurus, Self Appointed Shamans, and other like minded folk are idiots and deserve to be mocked. 
  • No one is more important than anyone else.
  • The only perfect person is a perfect asshole.
These are just a few of the things I believe they are not self theology they ebb flow and change as the world I live in changes me. I am not complete nor do I wish to be I just seek, peace, love, fun and knowledge. 

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